The Blood Splat Rating System



I know a man-his face is like plastic

Stretch smile wide, it's elastic

I know a girl she can fill up a room

1200 pounds, footsteps of doom

I know a machine man he's X-51

Harder than steel-his fists they're

Like machine guns

I know a guy bend a fork with his mind

The three-eyed baby, she is not blind

From mud hut to skyscraper in the

wink of an eye

Back again just as fast

Public menace, freak, human fly

I know the rat boy he does the rat dance

Born with a tail

He had to cut a hole in his pants

I know the slug of the slime of the

Slug of the worm man

Couldn't walk a step, but he

Dreamed that he ran

I know the skeleton girl she'll play

A song on her bones

Creak the high notes and rattle

Those low tones

From mud hut to skyscraper in the

wink of an eye

Back again just as fast

Public menace, freak, human fly

Dollar a look

Dollar a look

Dollar a look

Dollar a look



Like a kung fu maniac drunk on the blood of a thousand victims

My case in point is I don't have a system

No need to knock them down

What's that sound or uplift them, yeah

Well maybe in space no one can hear you scream

Now is it yourself or is it a team

Think fast 'cause you might get caught while you're asleep

The forces of evil run deep, they're so deep

Gettin' organizized

Confusion is the heart of stability

Stability is the heart and soul of insanity

It's going, it's going what's going's got you gone

There ain't nothing' here so move along

When it rains it pours it pours, it rains insanely

Logic is the strength of the truth but the pain sees it all

I'd tell you why but I cannot recall

Gettin' Organizized

Possessions possess they kill you distress

I know what's here and that is a mess

When you recreate the fact, you recreate the factual

What was never here becomes the actual

Seven thousand words scripted out in rhyme

And I've got some too but in the meantime I'll step from the flow 'cause that is my way

I know what's when hey what can I say



Neckbone or backbone neckbone or back

You got no fiction if you've got no fact

Neckbone or backbone your choice for the breakin'

You're thinkin' for a minute your choice might be takin' mistaken

For some good or some bad

You see what you got

There ain't no difference in the left, right

There ain't no difference in the blind, sight

Now stop for a minute 'cause your head is gettin' spastic

Paper or plastic-paper or plastic

Situation no win is the sin

So you rush for a change but the change has just always been the same

Same fools still trippin' off some old ways

New fools just thinkin' about some better days

Transparent, apparently you let it all pass

A kick in the head a kick in the ass

It's all the same to me\line Fire or freezin'

Dried up or bleeding

Just when it's over you get what you're needing too much or no time

Shut u p it's all mine and I let it go like that

Neckbone or backbone neckbone or back

You got no fiction if you got no fact

Kobeyashi maru what you gonna do

Am I gettin' through\line Am I gettin' through

Five triple zero

Yes you are no hero

You stop and wait, and why

Oh where, Oh where, Oh where can I be

You must understand that the world is crazy it's not for me

This is combat rock for the masses

But you know I fear the masses need to get their asses kicked, quick!

Step on up...



Red, the color the lines the road 225 the fearless explode

Who burns rubber from coast to coast supernova gets burned like toast

Gasoline blood fire veins honk Kong flu rides soul train

Concrete breakfast, star struck fame first place killer the man with no name,

Machine shop rodeo the scrap pile boss, you're the one who's gonna learn about loss

Eyes on the road souls in the gutter burn up the street just like the toe cutter

Don't be foolish don't go insane dead man's curve, ride the inside lane

Concrete breakfast, star struck fame first place killer

Car crash, car crash

Car crash, car crash



(Someone cut it in two, leg gone, head gone. If you run up there they'll kill you too.)

That's the way it's gotta

That's the way it's gotta

That's the way it's gotta be

That's the way it's gotta

That's the way it's gotta be

The earth Vs. Me

Tales of an ordinary madness

Who's to blame, I mean for all

The sadness could it be the

Enemy within or just them

I blame them who is the one

That's kickin' your ass

Who is the one that's on your

Back Stabbin' the soul twister

Turn your miss into a mystery, I see

That's the way it's gotta be

The earth Vs. Me

Well, I can dig it yeah I'll rise

Above it all

Never, never, never takin' the fall

Well the thoughts that I think

Are paranoid

The thoughts that I think I

Think I can't avoid

I swear they're out to get me,

But get me not 'cause I'm ready

For the fight see

Trapped in a conscious state

Of mind of separation

Stickin' to kickin' the facts

From the songs of Alienation

Stickin' to kickin' the facts

Stickin' to kickin' the facts

Stickin' to kickin' the facts

From the songs of Alienation

Some people were meant to be

Left alone so step off

Step one - dehumanize

Step two - is when you realize

Step three - humiliate

Step Four - recreate



You get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing

Well a swim with the sharks is like me

I'll find them for three and catch them and kill them for ten

When they smile just cut off your legs

You've got no time to think only to beg

Twenty no twenty five - three tons

The one in the front is the one on the run

Well it's blood red

Fair game for the eats 'cause this my home this is my street

Well is a swim with the sharks like weak is for strong

Nobody knows it yet not right from wrong

Deep is the dark from the depths of the dive

Am I okay, am I alive?

Well the hot house now seems like suckin' on some ice cream

Funny thing is it'll make a grown man scream

Want to stay afloat but don't forget it

All I've got to say you're gonna need a bigger boat

Well a swim with the sharks is like now




the darkness

the sun...forever...done



Tokyo Vigilante #1 Kills with his

Mind not with a gun

The rumor 'round town, that he

Was all washed up,

But then he showed up

And then he cleaned up

Sharper than a sword

He don't run

You can't fuck with the number one son

He said now everybody needs

A little vengeance

And when you want some,

You call me

Yeah, everybody needs a little


I'll kill any man for a fee


Now who amongst you is

Gonna stand up

Now who among you is gonna fall

Now who's got the brains to see

What's going on

And who amongst you is gonna


Well it's all for one

But they say it isn't so

Blood in the streets

Of downtown Tokyo

But the prayers of the weak get

Answered like a shot

quick, fast style

Yeah, check it out pressure drop

Eventually time it grinds

Down to a halt

The ultimate battle

The slug and the salt

The sun rises in the east

But sets in the west

Tokyo vigilante he never rests

Test of the body,

Test of the mind

The future's on time

And the future's unkind

Explain the thought process

Of the insane

Just like the movies,

But it's not the same



Out on your feet standing 8, standing, 8

You can't look to me when you sealed your own fate

It's one to four and you're half way there

I can tell from your face your and blank stare

That there ain't nothin' going on upstairs

And the state that you're in is despair

It ain't rare that your eyes are seeing double

It's par time for the course 'cause you know you're in some trouble

One - check the eyes for some vision

Two - I seem to sense indecision

Three - you're getting weak in the knees

Four - crying please baby please

Five - begins the loss of the brain cells

Six, six, six - and you go to Hell

Seven - you ain't looking so right

Eight - it's too late that's the end of the fight

Out on your feet standing 8, standing 8

Out on your feet standing 8

So what went wrong, you were so strong where's

The flow in your show

Must been something, but I don't know

You fly like an eagle, but you die like a dove

It seems to me that your name is mud

Blood on the canvas painting a portrait

A slice of life and the fact that you're unfit

But you kept steppin' and gettin' your wreckin'

It seems like awhile but it only took a second

Was that right? Was that the left? Was it the jab?

Or was it this hook?

It's undisputed, but who did the damage

Do you think you can manage

Are you in or are you out?

Now there was a time when your mind was you mind

It's a desperate state I find when you're holding up

The peace sign your name to the contract to get

Yourself some combat but won't that start bringing

About decision

You've got a choice, much due respect or beat into




Goddamn, even Superman shot himself

Blew his mind couldn't save the wealth

Maybe he read the Sunday paper

Murder front page death and rape

I can't see through the haze of the hazy

It's the little things that drive a man crazy

You know what I mean I know why he did it

Too slow to outwit it, get it

His cape was red, but so was his blood

Man of steel fell with a thud

Taken out by a villain who's willin' to stand in line

And do the time you hated 'cause life brings death that life has created

And do you understand when I say it's the little things that break the man

By the way are you feeling it bit by bit

Piece by piece they're stealing it

Bite the dust hit the deck they're dealing it

You've got to give it up

Sometimes I feel so stupid

Sometimes I feel so low

Sometimes I think of all the things that I'll never know

Sometimes I don't know what to do

But most motherfuckers don't have a clue

Open your eyes see out the inside the point of the point of the point you can't hide from the shit that's all around funky ghetto of the mind that brings you down

Can't shake it 'til you give it up, sell your soul, or don't give a fuck

Takin' you out superhero style your finger's on the trigger

Wishing you were bigger all the while you've got the soul with rigor mortis

Like Travis Bickle said, "Suck on this"

You've got the soul with rigor mortis

Suck on this

The grip on the neck and the snake bite kiss